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TYPE: 2014 Letterpress Desk Calendar
For the Planner #giftguideit
2014 Letterpress Desk Calendar
by Skelter
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Thank god, a calendar for an office that involves more than your ordinary. You know – the standard calendars with landscapes, dogs in outfits, and beach scenes with hot babes. We decided to put an end to this madness with a product design we started calling the TYPE.

The idea shortly fled from concept, to design and prototyping. Then, the Type Calendar made its big debut during our crowd funding stage. Thanks to over 750 backers, Type raised nearly $30,000 in 30 days and launched itself into retail stardom.

Final side note – for the guys still wanting the swimsuit calendar, we will not stand in your way. We have garages too and our rides salute you. Now, your office is a whole different story and the Type will keep you in track. Remember to come back for the 2015 Type Calendar – it is in the making.

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