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purify your drinking water with natural white charcoal
Mizu Bottle
by Sort of Coal
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Material: White Charcoal
Dimensions: 12" h (bottle)

How would you like to purify your water with natural binchotan (white charcoal) and use a little less plastic than those other big water purifying companies use? The new Mizu glass bottle and purifying charcoal from Sort of Coal is not only beautiful, it converts tap water into tasty mineral water in 2 hours, and it's better for the environment. The binchotan should be boiled for 5 minutes before using to open up the pores. Place it in the bottle, fill with water and refrigerate for 2 hrs. before serving! Binchotan lasts up to 1 month of daily use. When its time is up, crush it up and place it in your plant soil - it's a great fertilizer. Mizu comes with 1 purifying stick and glass bottle.

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