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This is the set I have and use in my frosting adventures. It may be one of the reasons I tend to over-frost. All that swirling is just too much fun.
The Whole Kitchen Kaboodle
12-Piece Large Tube Set
by Ateco
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When your creativity and imagination in the kitchen are unlimited, you'll want this 12-piece large tube decorating set to cover anything you dream up. The set contains an extra-large cake icer, four sizes of round tips, one large French tip, one French star, three other star tips, and two sizes of closed star--that should cover every PTA bake sale, birthday, anniversary, wedding, and after-school snack there is. The set also comes with a stiff bristle brush to clean out the tips and a round plastic container to keep everything in one place. Hand washing is recommended. --Doree Armstrong

Storage container
Stainless Steel
Seamless, durable, rustproof metal tips
Includes bristle brush for cleaning out decorating tips
Hand wash recommended

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