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A glitzy Qee bear would liven up any shelf!
Qee Metallic Bear
by Toy2R
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Qee Metalic Bear - Gold Edition

"You ain't from around here are you?"

Nope, these shiny, metallic Qee Bears come from a place where the sun only makes an appearance once every 4 days. So this pale, sunless race of Qees developed a most interesting mutation; liquid-gold skin pigments when exposed to light. I know most of you will want to try "catching them out" in their original pigmentation but good luck! It's harder than checking to see if your fridge light goes out when you shut the door!

There are of course other mutations standard to the 7" Qee race.. ABS, fully rotating ball-joint arms, removable arms and head for the perfect "stash jar" and a cuteness that can only be Qee.

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