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  • General
    • I received an invitation. How do I sign up?
      Sorry! We appreciate the luv but are no longer accepting new members.
    • What does it mean to trust someone?
      On Luvocracy, trust is an easy commitment to make. It simply signifies that you trust someone’s taste in whatever category you’ve selected (entertainment, men’s style, home, etc). Once you’ve trusted them, that person is added to your circle so you’ll see their latest and greatest additions.
    • What does it mean to luv something?
      The forces of luv are different for everyone. But the results are the same: when you luv a product, it gets added to your own Luvocracy profile, and shows up in the feeds of everyone who trusts you.
    • Who can see my Luvocracy page?
      All members of Luvocracy can see your page, as well as anyone who you’ve given the URL. Remember: the more you luv, the more engaging and shoppable your page becomes.
    • What makes a good bio?
      Pretend it’s an icebreaker minus the awkwardness. What should someone know about you in order to trust your taste? Keep it short and simple – the products you luv will also speak for you.
  • Profile
    • How will my user name be displayed?
      Your user name will be right at the top of your Luvocracy page (the place where you store and share all your collections). It will also be in the URL you share with friends:
    • Can I use my blog’s name instead of my actual name?
      The best option is the one people will recognize as you. But, you can use your maiden name, your pen name, the name of your college band – even your undercover code name.
    • Will my email address be seen on my Luvocracy page?
      Your email address will always be private, but the rest of your information is public. Check out our privacy policy for the details.
    • Why do you need my email?
      At the very least, we’ll need to confirm and communicate with you about your account. But we’d also love to share updates on new products and people in your circle. You can decide precisely how much you want to hear from us in your account settings.
    • How do I change my profile picture?
      Easy! Click on Settings under your left sidebar menu. Under Profile, you can upload your new profile picture by choosing a file from your computer.
    • How do I remove my account?
      To deactivate your account, simply email us at, and we’ll take care of the rest. Your profile and recommendations will no longer be viewable, and you will no longer receive any rewards for purchases made in your network. We hope you’ll consider sharing the reason you’re leaving with us – not only do we appreciate feedback, but we might be able to fix whatever’s not working for you.
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  • Luv Language
        Trust means that you trust a person’s taste, and follow their collections.
      • How do I trust someone’s taste?
        First, use your powers of perusal. Then make it official by clicking the Trust button near the top of their page. You can trust them in all categories or just specific ones.
      • How do I trust someone’s taste?
        First, use your powers of perusal. Then make it official by clicking the Trust button near the top of their page. You can trust them in all categories or just specific ones.
      • How do I refine the friend’s categories I trust?
        Hover over the Trust button for the drop down menu, and check or uncheck whatever categories you want.
      • How do I untrust someone’s taste?
        Click the Trust button to remove them from your circle entirely, or hover over the button for the drop down menu to manage which categories stay and which go.
      • Can others see whose taste I’m trusting?
        Yes, and we like to think it’s just as big a compliment here as it is offline. Much like the real world, trustworthy people tend to stick together. Look through your circles’ circles to discover other trustworthy taste!
        Your Trusted network is the group of people whose tasted you’ve decided to Trust.
      • Who’s in my Trusted network?
        All the people you’ve trusted make up your trusted network.
      • What’s the difference between “trusted” and “trending” and “featured” on my Luvocracy home page?
        “Trusted” shows you the products that have been added by the people you trust. “Trending” includes the most popular new products across the entire Luvocracy catalog. “Featured” shows the products and people Luvocracy is excited about, and want you to get to know better.
        A Luv is a product you admire, want to share or buy.
      • How many luvs can I have?
        Your capacity to luv is something only you can decide. We don’t put any limits on it.
      • What is a first luv?
        A first luv is a product you find on the web and add to the Luvocracy catalog yourself.
      • How do I luv something on the web?
        There are two ways to add a first luv. 1) Download the Luvocracy browser button for one-click product selection anywhere on the web. 2) Or rock it old school and email with a link or photo of the product, a few words on why you luv it and which of your collections it should be added to. We’ll take care of the rest.
      • How do I luv something that’s already in Luvocracy?
        Click the page turner on the bottom right hand corner of the product page. Once the product page turns, click on the heart or “luv” icon, and it will be added to your collection.
      • Where can I see the products I luv?
        The things you luv live in your collections, which are shared with everyone who trusts you, and stored on your Luvocracy page.
      • Where can I see the products my friends luv?
        Easy! Just make sure you’ve “trusted” those friends so they’re in your Trusted catalog. Then when you come to Luvocracy, you’ll see everything they luv automatically. You can also visit their Luvocracy pages.
      • How do I share the products I luv with friends?
        It’s all about Trust! Make sure your friends have trusted your taste, and then they’ll see everything you luv. You can also email your URL ( link or a specific product link ( directly to anyone, whether they’re on Luvocracy or not. And of course, there are also the social medias. Tweet, pin, and post to your heart’s content by pressing the “share” button next to any product.
      • How do I edit a luv?
        Click on the ‘Edit’ button next to any luv. This will allow you to change your personal quote or move it to another collection.
      • What is a recommendation?
        We like to think of anything you luv as a sort of recommendation. It doesn’t necessarily mean you recommend buying it, but it’s definitely worth checking out.
      A Collection is a grouping of products you curate around a specific theme or need.
    • How do I create a collection?
      You start building your collections the moment you hit the luv button. You’ll get prompted to create or select a collection for every product you luv, so you can always find it again. You can also click the “add collection” button located right below your profile image on your personal page.
    • How do I add a product to a collection?
      Whenever you click the luv button or use the Luvocracy web browser, you’ll be prompted to select or create the collection where you want that product to live.
      The Catalog is the entire Luvocracy product assortment, selected entirely by our community!